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Full Version: ipxe on Hyper-v (gen 1) : boot failure
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i use ipxe and previously gpxe for intall many environmement.

actually since fex month i have a proble to intall on hyper-v new windows server VM. it work well on bare metal and also on KVM.

the problem is error 0x00005c, this is a HAL issue.

i need to use the last (or not so old) boot.wim image from a windows ADK/Windows server iso file.

the setup is
Windows server (2012R2 or 2016)
ipxe iso file (with embeded script)

http server (apache)

wimboot (up to date)

the embeded script is minimal


set winboot-url http://....
set wimboot boot.wim

kernel ${winboot-url}/wimboot pause
initrd ${winboot-url}/bootmgr bootmgr
initrd ${winboot-url}/boot/bcd BCD
initrd ${winboot-url}/boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd -n boot.wim ${winboot-url}/${wimboot} boot.wim


the problem is only with hyper-v, so it can be a bug in wimboot.

if i use a old boot.wim (from Windows AIK and not ADK) it s ok, but i need to use the last boot.wim and dism.
I see you already found a different thread,
start with removing "bootmgr" from your script - it should be extracted automatically from boot.wim

Test with setting only 1 CPU for the virtual machine - if that works you can check how to do that via the BCD, see thread here on the forum about similar issue with ESX hypervisor.
Thanks, but i have thesame problem

with or without bootmrg
and i have only 1 CPU for the VM ans i try with 1G of Memory to 64Go (1->2->4->8->16->32 and 64)
and same issue with 2 or 4 vCPU

yes i found another thread, but no answer in it except for downgrade the version of winpe and for my case it s not a solution.
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