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Full Version: iPXE fails if DPDK enabled
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I am using Mirantis OpenStack 9.2. If DPDK is enabled, the vm’s iPXE boot fails with the following message:
link for the screenshot
Thanks in advance for the help.
The message "Common virtio capability not found!\n"
is only shown due to that you have DEBUG=virtio enabled at compile time, and it fails to initialize a Virtion 1.01 device
It is not an error in itself.
Does it fail to also initialize the legacy virtio device as well?

The question becomes what is the actual issue you are having, as in: is it something that doesn't work?
Thank you for the reply. Yes it fails, but only if hw multique is enabled. (hw_vif_multiqueue_enabled="true") The VM could not obtain IP address.
Three more screenshots from the error:
enqueuing iobuf ... on vq1
No configuration methods succeeded
Starting with that ifstat picture it clearly shows the actual problem, and now the other ones kind of explains why.
I would redirect this issue to the devs of openstack/virtio/qemu - it clearly seems to be some compability bug here.
The Virtio drivers in iPXE itself is developed by the same people, here is one example of involved people: http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-dev...05333.html
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