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Full Version: wimboot using grub2 on EFI
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I'm an happy user of wimboot from grub2 on my usb stick, I can start windows 10 setup, dart even with files withing an iso file.
Unfortunately I'm unable to make it work in efi:
  • load16 does not work (looks like it does not execute any code at all)
  • chainloading snponly.efi stops when I call boot with "no such device" (in efi_image.c)
  • chainloading wimboot will map each file at the root of the usb stick, the same result of chainloading bootmgr.efi, so I have no advantages over it
  • loadefi says wimboot has invalid signature

Right now I'm using qemu with OVMF

If you need additional info just let me known
I would to add that linuxefi is a patch of some linux distro, and I've also tested linux that instantly reboots
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