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Full Version: Various iPXE servers on net
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Is it possible to make a program that first discover all servers and then let us choose to boot one?

Thanks for your time,
Hi fchpriani!

Development wise this would be possible, but then you'd need something centrally organised.. like somebody hosting this stuff, which.. in many cases might most likely create copyright issues with the one hosting the ISOs.

Also this requires lots and lots of bandwidth for the chaps hosting the ISOs. Who should pay for this?

This raises many questions, which in the end creates more problems than it could deliver usable benefits imo..
ipxe server is an incorrect word to define a dhcp/bootp server and/or http/tftp server, if you put multiple dhcp server in a network the first one that replies to the client packet "wins",
you may setup a single tftp server with a script that allows users to select a menu loading stuff from different servers
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