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Full Version: Error 7f04818f trying to boot fog client in EFI
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I'm running a Fog Server on a Debian 8 and when I try to boot a new through PXE, I'm getting this error:

bzImage... ok
Could not boot: Error 0x7f04818f (http://ipxe.org/7f04818f)

My fog-server was working 2 years ago, and now, whichever host I try to boot from gives me this error. My PCs are Lenovos and Dells.

If someone could help me at least narrow my search for what could cause this error. My knowledge on the matter is quite limited.

EFI file could not be loaded by Firmware (with the comment /* Not an EFI image */)
This is firmware that returns if it is an error.
kernel have to have EFI_STUB enabled, (without it you should get a different error, but who know)
But the first thing I would check is that Secure Boot is disabled.

Also make sure that you are using the latest version of iPXE
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