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Full Version: UEFI\EFI confusion
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I have the following requirement I need to make use of secure boot. Which to the best of my knowledge means I need to go down the EFI boot path. I will be install ESXi 6.5, and I need to cater for 2 scenarios 1) ability to network boot 2) ability to boot from an ISO as some of our sites do not have DHCP enabled.

My current solution working and covers both scenarios, but in legacy boot mode. Basically I have a HTTP share with my ESXi files, I have an iPXE iso which then calls the esxi boot files and everything just works. So that caters for scenario 2, then for scenario 1 I boot to the iso via standard PXE boot. So this covers BIOS boot.

I have read through quite a few of the forum topics and it is really not clear what options I have for UEFI boot that will cater for both scenarios ? It seems like creating a ISO is not possible ?

Any suggestion are welcome.
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