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Full Version: How to UEFI HTTP chainload using MS DHCP
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I’m trying UEFI HTTP chainload with a MS DHCP server and IIS.
I checked online document http://ipxe.org/appnote/uefihttp. It’s for ISC.
I tried to create a vendor class. Use 67 to lunch ipxe.efi and policy to lunch true boot.ipxe script. But nothing happened on the client when boot into DHCP query.
Any help is appreciated.
Yes. I tried to create a vendor class "HTTPClient:Arch:0007".
and then create a server option 67 to my URI"http://my location/ipxe.efi".
and then create a policy with the vendor class to option67"http://my location/boot.ipxe".
nothing happened.


(2018-12-24 06:22)Torgeir Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried something like this??

I dont think you can do that... Use EMBED to custom script instead:

MS DHCP server with UEFI can be a bit tricky (we did follow the guides and have a working UEFI+legacy pxeboot on MS DHCP server 2012/2016).

Also, if you have a hard time getting MS DHCP to work, try setting up a demo with a very simple linux setup (I find it a lot easier to setup, just to see that the iPXE part is working as it should).

Since logs on windows isn't really existing, try to use packet dumps (tcpdump or wireshark) to see what the server actually get's and how the response is modified depending on different rulesets.
Thanks a lot. I will try again with your comments.
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