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Full Version: Raspberry pi as pxe server
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Hello everyone,

Below you find two youtube videos from me using the raspberry to deploy ipxe.
Works really well if you have to deal with locked down Business laptops which only have pxe and hdd boot enabled.



Let me know what you think.

Looks really nice! It's a kinda other-way-around solution though, using the Raspberry Pi as the server and not the netboot client. If you have some USB storage connected you can probably backup quite decent sizes too.

PS: Try to find a way to keep the video camera still for the next video. It's quite distracting.
I was at a hotel and only had my ipad to capture the process, as you can imagine one handed. Wink
Ps: i use the raspberry because i only need it, a usb cable and a short lan cable to be bootable. Making it easy to boot up things like kon-boot on locked down laptops ;-) perfect for roadwarriors who have to deal with managers forgetting their windows password.


i know, it is an very old Post.

I found this Post via google.

I have already an PXE Server on my Raspberry, but i don't know how can i set up an Ipxe Server.
can anyone tell me please what must i do?

I dont found any tutorials or other with google.

Many Thanks
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