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Full Version: CPIO magic error
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[attachment=26]Hello friends

I try to boot windows Pe as per the guild line given here http://ipxe.org/wimboot but when i run it.

At boot time it is giving me the error of : CPIO MAGIC

I attached the snapshot of it.

For your infromation
I am using the windows pe 2.0
You've forgotten the second parameter to the initrd lines. They are supposed to look like this:

initrd http://myserver/winpe/bootmgr bootmgr

That second mention of "bootmgr" is very important. That instructs iPXE to create a standalone CPIO archive in memory and name the file "bootmgr". Without this extra param on initrd lines wimboot doesn't work as expected, because the windows files are not CPIO archives. They need to be wrapped in memory.
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