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Full Version: I do not understand what is CONSOLE_PCBIOS
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The documentation says:
Quote:The BIOS console uses a locally-attached keyboard and monitor for interaction with the user. You can enable or disable the BIOS console using the build option CONSOLE_PCBIOS. The BIOS console is enabled by default.
Is this is true? In file config/console.h is disabled default (all consoles disabled):
//#define    CONSOLE_PCBIOS        /* Default BIOS console */
What's going on?
It's not disabled, it's commented out, and that is because CONSOLE_PCBIOS is defined ON in the architecture-specific header files. That is to allow other architectures that doesn't support the same type of console (like EFI).
So for BIOS AWARD 6.00PG CONSOLE_PCBIOS is default used in build?
(2013-04-26 08:52)Maniek Wrote: [ -> ]So for BIOS AWARD 6.00PG CONSOLE_PCBIOS is default used in build?

Yes. For any build of iPXE that will run on a PC BIOS, the BIOS console (i.e. CONSOLE_PCBIOS) will be enabled by default.

The enabling happens in config/default/pcbios.h, which you should not edit.

If you want to explicitly disable the BIOS console, you can do so by adding "#undef CONSOLE_PCBIOS" to config/local/console.h.

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