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Full Version: How to boot pxeboot.n12 from iPXE?
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I am trying to boot WinPE using pxeboot.12 from iPXE using chain boot.
[undefined=undefined]chain tftp://<server>/pxeboot.n12[/undefined]

But it hangs after downloading all the files.

Same Winpe working well when I do with PXE with DHCP(filename "pxeboot.n12").

So I did check the tcpdump for the both. All the logs are same except "bootmgr.exe" & "pxeboot.n12".

For PXE with DHCP its "bootmgr.exe" & "pxeboot.n12".
For iPXE with Chainboot its "/bootmgr.exe" & "pxeboot.n12".
I doubt because of "/bootmgr.exe" it didn't able to find the bootmgr and WinPE boot fails. This is my assumption, there are no logs for this.

[Image: redir?resid=5074FCC3DF7E079E!2912&am...oto%2c.jpg]

Chainloading into WDS is somewhat tricky to get right (but there are multiple other threads on the forum that explain how to do it), and it is recommended to use wimboot instead. See http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe for a tutorial on how to boot into Windows PE using wimboot.
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