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Full Version: Issue with BCM 57712
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PCI-e 10GbE SFP+ Dual Port Adapter:

undionly.kpxe-> ipxe.pxe -> When initializing, getting an error: iPXE initialising devices...
Try to free Memory without Signature

I think this was covered on the mailing the list back in August fairly thoroughly; are we still waiting for a new BNX2 driver?

I was thinking about building a Whitelist/Blacklist to undionly.kpxe to bypass known broken/ missing NIC drivers preventing loading ipxe.pxe and hitting the next step in the chain, but was unsure about what options there were in iPXE to determine a NIC hardware type in the undionly.kpxe environment - the ${product} variable would probably be close enough with Enterprise-class hardware and LoMs. I might have a script to share before to long...
Yes, the bnx2 driver is still not merged to mainline, because of lack of time to review/test the code. Using a ${product} or some of the other information from either SMBIOS or PCI configuration space to create a whitelist/blacklist seems appropriate.
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