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Full Version: ipxe hangs after nic configuration or menu load
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I am attempting to use ipxe to deploy a number of servers with quad port intel i350 gb nics. This works on over 40 servers, however we got a new server today, and the nic firmware is a different version, and suddenly ipxe hangs either just after configuring the nic, or as soon as it loads our ipxe menu that allows you to pick various installation scenarios.

When I say hang, I mean it completely locks the server. ctrl+alt+del does not restart, no keyboard input, only option is hard power the server.

I have attempted this with both the ipxe packaged version of undionly.kpxe included with ubuntu 14.04.1 and with a new undionly.kpxe I built from master tonight. After placing the new undionly.kpxe on the tftp server I get closer, the menu loads, and I can select an option, but then it locks up downloading the kernel image or the initrd... basically as soon as it attempts to pass any amount of data over the nic.

The only difference I see between this new server and the older servers is the nic firmware version 15.0.28 on the older machines, while the new server has 16.0.24. Is there some fix that needs to be placed in ipxe to support this newer firmware? What other info can I try to get you?

Another reason to think this is an ipxe issue is I've also setup a standard ubuntu installation tftp server, directly loading pxelinux.0 from dhcp, and this works flawlessly on the same hardware.
Try to replace undionly.kpxe with ipxe.pxe and see if it works better. That will use the native iPXE intel driver instead of the PXE firmware driver via UNDI.
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