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Full Version: iPXE on USB stuck on initialisation (Dell d400 / tg3)
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I finally decided to update my USB stick that I use to boot my computers via iPXE.

The version of the ipxe.usb I currently have (from ~2012) works ok on a Dell D400 laptop, but the latest one built from git doesn't, it gets stuck at the initial message "iPXE initialising devices...".

By going back in git commit history (and compiling on a VM running Ubuntu 12.04, to avoid issues with newer gcc versions) it seems that the problems started with commit f6840ba83e60631e6561a957f11867b206edd7d9 that introduced the new tg3 drivers, which indeed the laptop uses.

Is that a known issue? If not, how can I find out where the system gets stuck?
I'm no expert at iPXE code, so I did enable debug for the tg3, tg3_hw, tg3_phy and I could see that it gets there, but I don't know what else is suppose to happen, or which other module should I add to the debug.

You should report the debug lines from the tg3 driver to the mailing-list. Hopefully one of the core developers will look over the code and possibly find out the issue. You can also try to hang out on IRC and wait for one of the core developers to help you out. You should be talking with "thomil", which is the author of the tg3 driver.
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