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Full Version: Error no such file or directory (ipxe)
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excuse my english i'm french.

I try to use ipxe, wimboot and undionly.kpxe to load an wim file.
This file is a Winpe .wim.
I have build this winpe with windows 10.

when i try to boot on this file, i have this error

[Image: 635731IMG7239.png]

but if i load an other wim file (wim of veeam recovery or an other winpe file) it's ok.

where does the problem come from?

thanks for your help
Copy of my reply to the mailing list:

Quote:See additional notes on the page that is shown in your error message: http://ipxe.org/2d0c613b
You might also want to check your http server logs.
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