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Problem chainloading syslinux.efi from iPXE
2016-04-28, 12:21
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RE: Problem chainloading syslinux.efi from iPXE
(2016-04-28 09:57)mattross Wrote:  I have tried various 64-bit versions of syslinux.efi, including 6.03 binaries provided on the website and compiling my own from the source. None of them work, so I suspect my iPXE build is not configured correctly.

Some minor side points first;

The "format not recognised" error is entirely misleading, and has now been fixed in

You don't need to explicitly add IMAGE_EFI in config/general.h; it's already enabled by default for EFI builds (via config/defaults/efi.h).

Using ":2" as a debug level is generally incorrect, since the debug level is a bitmask. You probably want ":3" instead. See

As for your actual problem:

You can try using DEBUG=efi_wrap to see what system calls are being issued by the loaded syslinux.efi. It's similar to running strace on a userspace binary.

One question I have is why are you trying to use iPXE to load syslinux.efi, instead of just using iPXE to load your OS directly? You're already creating a custom iPXE script, so why not just extend that script to boot your OS? That would definitely simplify your setup, which is always a good thing.

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