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Network boot from UEFI Windows boot manager menu?
2018-01-05, 17:53
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Question Network boot from UEFI Windows boot manager menu?
Hi all.
I's setting up an environment where an unattended machine managed remotely is running Windows, and can (on demand from the remote management) reboot into Clonezilla (stored on a server) to make or restore image of the windows disk, and boot back into Windows.
I have some experience using pxelinux with menu to boot clonezilla on BIOS-enabled machines, and would prefer to have a similar setup with UEFI. My first thought was to just interact with the UEFI boot manager from each OS, but AFAICT, there's no equivalent of efibootmgr for Windows - the options in Windows boot manager's menu are not normally synced with the UEFI boot manager's options, so it has no option to boot from the network.

So for my current attempt, I'm looking for a way to add a "network boot" option to WBM's menu (managed by bcdedit.exe) - the intention is to setup iPXE or something to boot clonezilla with appropriate options - either configured right there in BCD, or provided by a server by chainloading (WBM's boot entry boots a PXE boot manager with options pulled from the managing server).

Can iPXE be used in this scenario? If so, how to add it's entry into BCD?
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