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Full Version: iPXE session transfer issue with windows 2012 R2
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Hi All,
I was able to successfully remote boot server 2016 with ipxe, but facing issues with Server 2012 R2.

I've a locally installed Windows 2012 VM. I attached the windows boot disk to another VM and exported it using iscsi.
I'm trying to sanboot it on a diskless remote VM using iPXE.

AFAIK, please correct me if I'm wrong:
1) iPXE creates an initial session with ISCSI target.
2) The session details are later transferred by iPXE to OS using iBFT, and OS boots using same session

I observed this with server 2016. I could see 1 initial session for iPXE, then 2 sessions for a moment and later the first session disconnected.

With 2012 server I can see initial iPXE session being created but the next session is never created. Ultimately my boot failsHuh

This is the script I'm using:
set initiator-iqn <iqn-name>
set net0/gateway
sanboot iscsi:<iscsi ip>::::<iqn>

Any ideas??

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