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Full Version: Using iPXE to load local VHD Boot
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Hello guys,
we are currently using iPXE as part of our FOG Imaging Solution and it works great.

Now in response to new requirements we are looking into having multiple versions of Windows on one PC.

One possible solution would be to use Windows VHDBoot.
These VHD Files would be stored on the client PCs and exchanged in background when there is a new version of the VHD Image.

We would like to use iPXE to point the clients to the VHD file to boot or to pass it as an argument to a local grub.

Sadly i have only found one source that tells me how to do this using grub
Another possible, although not as elegant, solution might be to pass an argument to a winpe, which the via powershell, edits the local BCD-WindowsBootloader.

Do you have any experience regarding this topic and/or could point me in the right direction?

Greetings from germany
Not much have been done on this AFAIK, do you have an update of your progress?
Maybe you could use a shared iscsi device to do boot, and then copy this to local disk as backup ?

Shouldn't it be possible to use bootmgr and update the bcd from running os. when new vhd has been copied?

Initial "installation" to local drive could be done via above iscsi, or maybe even via linux that creates ntfs fs and modifies bcd
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