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Full Version: Downloads pausing on older machines using UEFI
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We've noticed that when using UEFI on certain older systems, downloads appear to pause and the nic on the devices stop working. The devices we've seen this on are lenovo(X1 carbon Gen 2/3 and x250).

These systems are downloading via HTTPS.

In short, we start downloading our Windows PE and it just stops. We need to re-initialize the nic in order to even be able to try again, which again fails most of the time.

This doesn't appear to happen on newer systems.

Are there any settings that we can change that would keep these devices alive? Please let me know if I can add anything to the thread to help troubleshoot.
Are you using latest iPXE (current git master) when you see this issue?
And it works totally fine when switching to http without https?

are you using ipxe.efi or snponly.efi (we will want to know which driver is used for the nic, so running ifstat and check what is used would be preferred)
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