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Full Version: Touchscreen support iPXE menu
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Hi Guys,

Is there any possibility to compile ipxe with touch support for the menu?
I have a lot of terminals with touchscreen and i would like to use this instead of connecting a keyboard.
Someone mentioned to create different scopes and scripts but i would like to enter the menu and select the option that i want.

The surface pro 4 has a built in keyboard when entering the menu.
It would be nice to have this for all computers.
Searched the web with no results.
Thanks in advance!


There is quite a bunch of issues here,
first of touch is a pointing device, this means that we would probably need to implement mouse support into iPXE.
On top of that we then need a On Screen Keyboard(?)

And then there is the need for possible specific touch hardware. With any luck there is EFI interfaces available that can be used to get pointer input support.
But still this would need quite a lots of new development and would bring little value, in most cases won't you need a keyboard to get into network boot mode to begin with?
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