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Full Version: a funny thing happened in the migration process
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Hi all,
usually i don't ask for help because there is a lot documents that simply give answer but this one drive me crazy ... really crazy. I already have PXE system setup that work flawlessly without hiccup but my intention is to migrate completely on linux. Current setup is that work
machine1:win 7+http serv + tftpd32 + pxelinux->chainload to ipxe+script
machine2:nfs export that support live systems from machine 1
I repeat all work without any problem in this setup
When i do next steps something go off
1. Migrate tftpd32 to pfsense tftpd firewall, simply coping all dir's change boot server ip, shutting down tftpd32, test PXE, testing setup all working
2. Migrating http serv on machine 2: changing in configs ip in class D just one nuber UP from to all hell breaks loose... 1st error couldn't exec vmlinuz, revert to http on windows 2nd error invalid argument. changing back all as on start all working... in reality all that changed is ip adress and provider of service.
in 1st error occurrence my main suspect is apache2 that somehow he don't upload vmlinuz file to ipxe correctly
in 2nd error occurrence i don't have clue.. same config work on 1 setup with all dir's in same place as in setup 2. i mount nfs and get http files with just changing 1 number in browser and 1 number in shell.
If you actually add an error screenshot or something like that you might be able to get more help. Also, your message was written in a quite hard to understand manner. Maybe try to rephrase it with steps clearly documented and questions separated from the steps.
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