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Full Version: Graphics Corruption
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I am using ipxe to install windows/linux in undergrad student labs. When installing through ipxe (undionly.kpxe) via netboot this all works as expected. A console menu is served with image background and a number of installation options with a default set for unattended installation.

However, when i initiate the installation through grup (ipxe.lkrn) the installation work fine but the screen is completely corrupt.

I've tried both using ipxe.lkrn to netboot which will load in the undionly image of my tftpserver and also directly with the script local skipping the network boot. I see the same results on both.

The screen corruption happens at the point the menu is loaded and remains until the os install does its first reboot.

Any suggestion or help would be appreciated!


Short answer: don't use Grub, I'm sure there is better solutions, but we know to little about your use-case to give a good answer on what those better solutions are ... but why are you starting Grub in the first place?

It might help if you could upload an image of what you see elsewhere and add a link to it here.
My guess is that it is either an Grub issue or bios issue.
One workaround might be to enable the console command in your iPXE build, and use that to change resolution.
Thanks. I'm essentially trying to trigger an unattended netboot of a machine remotely from an existing hard drive based install of linux over ssh.

So my plan was to use ssh to ipxe to the grub menu, set it as the default and then reboot.

I will see what I can do with the console command.

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