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Full Version: Menu login with encrypted password
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I am using "login" and "iseq" to password protect a certain part of ipxe. Is there a way of using an encrypted password in a string? Currently i use:

login || goto start
iseq ${username} admin || goto menu-os
iseq ${password} admin || goto menu-os

And those strings are clear text. Looking for something like "grub-crypt".
I don't recall if the hash functions have been extended to allow storing into a variable or not. Carefully check the git commit log for details or ask on IRC. If they have been extended to support this behavior then you can use a sha1 or md5 checksum of the password and compare against that. That is at least a little bit better than just having everything in plain-text.
Ok, i didn't find any recent commit allowing hash in iseq. Unless there is another way to have an encrypted login.
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