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Full Version: TFTP Block Size
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So I am total novice when it comes to iPXE having only discovered it recently, however I have noticed that the boot performance is not great, from a gen 2 Hyper-V guest (gen 2 being UEFI).

The performance out of the box is similarly poor, when using SCCM + WDS to PXE boot a gen 2 Hyper-V guest, but was dramatically improved when changing the RamDiskTFTPBlockSize and RamDiskTFTPWindowSize.

[Image: TFTPSettings.PNG]

I have no idea if these settings apply to iPXE efi or not, can anyone enlighten me? Or do they relate to the TFTP server (Tiny PXE Server in my case)?


With iPXE it is recommended to use http downloads, that's where it really shines.
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