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Full Version: how to install Solaris11.3 on ipxe
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set boot-url http://${next-server}
set base ${boot-url}/Oracle/sol-11_3-text-x86/
kernel ${base}/platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix kernel/unix -v -install -B install_media=${base},install_boot=${base}/boot
module ${base}/platform/i86pc/amd64/boot_archive
boot || goto

so I had to pre-unzip the image(boot_archive) before having ipxe load it.


[Image: 6b6d8241ly1flpo8zzktqj218c0hwgoe.jpg]
[Image: 6b6d8241ly1flpo902642j20l00mowka.jpg]
[Image: 6b6d8241ly1flpo900oduj20l00mowka.jpg]
[Image: 6b6d8241ly1flpo8zy9j4j20k40bwaaq.jpg]
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