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Full Version: Background image stretched in console
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I am using an image in the console with my menu, and I have set the console resolution x and y to 1024 x 768. But I find that on some computers the image is stretched. Is there a way that iPXE can dynamically set the resolution to prevent the image from being stretched on displays with different aspect ratios and resolutions?
if you are using a 16:9 monitor with the resolution of 1024x768 and the monitor stretches the image, then there is no way for iPXE to detect this...

The windows boot logo for example is made to be compressed if looked at in the native resolution (on a 4:3 monitor) they simply expect everyone to view this in stretched mode.
I have a logo on the iPXE screen. iPXE is running on all sorts of different monitors and notebooks everyday in my environment. Maybe I'll change the console resolution to 16:9 as its probably more common.
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