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Full Version: How can I save settings to hd?
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Hello gays!
I installed ipxe.lkrn in the first partition of hd, and using syslinux boot. but every time after the reboot the previous settings is missing, I hope settins can be stored permanently, how should I do?
Not supported, iPXE has no option to write to disk, there is some code to write to nvram, but that is nic specific and not for actuall use to store settings.
If you want to have settings stored in iPXE then you could create an embedded script, See http://ipxe.org/embed
If I want the settings written to nvram, Is it a prerequisite to burn the firmware nic?
You will have to write a driver that can actually store anything in nvram, and then it needs to be implemented how to actually store settings in nvram
It has no need to be actually have it in ROM
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