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Full Version: How to iMake a iSCSI Server On Ubuntu 16.04 Linux
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 Linux on HP Desktop Computer... Now I want to make a iSCSI Target Server On this Ubuntu Machine With PXE Configuration, DHCP Configuration AND TFTP Configuration Extra Extra ...

Because, Sitting on Other Client Machine, I want to install Windows 7 ON iSCSI Target Server Through iPXE NetBooting...

Please Kindly do the Help in this regard as early as possible

Thanking you and all

Basavaraj From India
Ubuntu 16.04 iSCSI Target:


Ubuntu 16.04 PXE Server:


As far as Windows 7 installations to iSCSI targets, please read the tutorials here (they apply to Win7 as well as Server 2008):


This is all very simple to Google. This is a community help forum, true, but it is understood that you should at least attempt to help yourself first before asking for help.
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