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Full Version: too big rom file for 64k NIC ROM chip
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I've made the 80861229.rom for Intel NIC. But I can't burn one into the flash because this file is very big - 68 096 Byte.
Is somebody know the way to get rom file with correct length?
Hi, Welcome to the forum!

The size of iPXE depends on which features are enabled at compile time, you can see https://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/blob/HEAD:...box/README which describes how to use the vbox named config which has some features disabled to fit in the limited 56K that is its max size. However iPXE grows over time, so latest build might actually not fit :/

You can then modify your own config to disable features in your bootstrapping iPXE ROM with the vbox one as a base.
It is likely that you still will want to chain into a more fully featured version of iPXE from the ROM.
Hi and thanks for your help.
As I understand I have to edit /src/config/general.h before making a small rom, is it right?
You should usually edit src/config/local/general.h and add #undef for features that are non critical
You can also use named configs: http://ipxe.org/appnote/named_config
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