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Full Version: Cannot boot from menu.c32 with ipxe.krn
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I have a Client with an older Realtek 100Mbit Card. I use the provided CDROM Image to boot into ipxe. When my dhcp/tftpd delivers this ipxe script:
ifopen net0
dhcp net0
set keep-san 1
sanhook --drive 0x80 iscsi:
sanboot --drive 0x80
the machine loads the iscsi installed win7 and all is fine.

When I try to do this:
chain into menu.c32 -> select option "sanboot" -> chain into ipxe.krn
and provide as initrd the same script as above, the machine locks up with some random garbage at the lower half of the screen.

Can anyone point me what I'm doing wrong?

with kind regards,

edit: typo
That is because when you use ipxe.krn you use a native driver for your network card. The realtek driver was rewritten some months ago. You might have better luck with things now if you try updated versions of all software involved (both iPXE and SYSLINUX).
Loading ipxe.krn means you're using iPXE's native drivers for your card, which could have bugs.

After you posted this question the realtek driver has been completely rewritten, so it's worth trying again and see if things work now.

Also, you should be using iPXE's native menu support (http://ipxe.org/cmd/menu) unless you're heavily invested in how menu.c32 does things.
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