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Full Version: ipxe for PRO 1000 intel 808610d3.rom not woking
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we are trying to get Ipxe working on AMD board with pro1000 (808610d3 - 82574L NIC). This is working good on couple of boards.

we have made few changes to SATA and added new wifi card, the Ipxe is not working on new board.

Problem observed: unable to find mac and net devices (busid and mac is blank). Ipxe code keeps trying in function "ifcommon_exec" :

/* Try all interfaces */
rc = -ENODEV;
for_each_netdev ( netdev ) {
if ( ( ( rc = ifcmd->payload ( netdev, opts ) ) == 0 )
&& ifcmd->stop_on_first_success ) {
return 0;

please help me to debug the issue. let me know what may be the problem.

Can i use pciscan command to fill config information dynamically.

When you build .rom files it is intended to be booted from that nic and should only load for the nic it was booted from.
The reason for this is if you have multiple nics and you select t boot from one of them, you expect that nic to boot and not something else.

Now I can't say for sure that is the issue in this case, but it might give you a hint on what to try.
And no, you can't dynamically define which driver to use for which pciid, that is compiletime only.
busid and mac will be blank if no nic is found (this comes from the iPXE settings scope structure).
Also be sure that the pciid actually matches between your built rom and the actuall nic.
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