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Full Version: NIC shuts off during Windows boot
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I'm trying to get Windows via PXE/iSCSI running on one of my PCs. I've had a lot of success on other PCs, but this one keeps resisting...

I can install Windows 10 just fine on the iSCSI drive, but booting the installed system fails with "inaccessible boot device". That's a pretty common error, but in my case, I can see the network card actually turns off shortly into the boot - which inevitably leads to the failure.

It's an integrated RTL8169SC. Have you ever seen this problem / dealt with it? I can surely install a PXE-capable NIC into a PCIe slot and use that one instead... but I wonder if there's a different solution.
I'm guessing you are using PCBIOS mode, but could you confirm that it isn't in EFI mode ?

During the boot process windows loads it's own drivers for the NIC and iPXE goes out the window, so at every boot you will actually see the nic being reset.
If this is what happens, or if it is something else is unclear.

It is also quite common that Windows 10 has issues with iSCSI. If possible please confirm that the same version/build works with an intel based nic.
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