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Full Version: VLAN - not able to establish connection.
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i am using ipxe.lkrn for booting into a ipxe shell. I am able to create a vlan interface, assign ip/gw/nm. But not able to ping to my gateway.

do the following:

vcreate --tag 443 net0
ifopen net0-443
set net0/ip
set net0/gw
set net0/netmask

If i try to ping the gateway, i got connection timed out.
Cisco Switchport ist configured to trunk.

did i miss anything?
I have not yet played with the vlan features of iPXE
but are you sure that set net0/ip is correct, and that it shouldn't be net0-443/ip (as used in your ifopen command)
if that still does not work, make sure that you also do ifopen on the underlying device; both ifopen net0-443 and ifopen net0
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