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Full Version: IPXE WITH UEFI and Secureboot Enabled
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Hello I'm trying to find a way how i can use IPXE with uefi and secureboot enabled. If i disable the secureboot and legacy boot process is working fine. But i dont want change anything in the BIOS, the BIOS comes with the default option as Secureboot enabled and "all uefi", i want to use it as it is. I'm using the network boot and using the Linux OS where TFTP and http service is been enabled.

I have used the sign shrim files for ubuntu and trying with GRUB2 to work but its also not working as expected to load the windows boot file... but still trying.
Any way we can use a mix of ipxe and GRUB2 to make the windows 10 boot through network works....
You need to get a signed version of ipxe.efi, there is so far no official prebuilt and signed version, so to get one you need to build it, sign it with your own EV cert and then have MS cross sign that. Not something that is easily done.

A search for "secureboot" on the forum already gives more then plenty treads about this.
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