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Full Version: chainloading grub from local hdd
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I'm stucking in the following problem.

I have a PC with 3 harddrives.
Harddrive 1 is only running grub2
Harddrive 2 is running Windows 7
Harddrive 3 ist running Windows 10

In my case Harddrive 1 (grub 2) will always be launched. Grub2 is chainloading ipxe.lkrn.

Once reached ipxe, I can do 'dhcp' and analyse the gateway 'show gateway'.
Depending on the gateway-IP-address either Harddrive 2 or 3 will be launched. Basically this could be dann by 'sanboot', but I will additionally hide Drive 1 and 2 it Drive 3 ist starting. This could be done very easy in Grub.

So my question, is there any posibility to run grub again from ipxe, but on a local storage, not from a server. There is already a description how do to from a Server (http://ipxe.org/appnote/work_around_bios..._ipxe_exit) but I have to run grub again from Harddrive 1.

Hopfully I summarized my problem not too confusing Wink

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