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Full Version: iPXE with FOG and SCCM 2016, wim not loading all the way
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I am trying to boot a wim image (O/S Ver 10.0.16299.15) with iPXE and FOG using these settings:

kernel http://${fog-ip}/sccm2/wimboot gui
initrd http://${fog-ip}/sccm2/boot/BCD BCD
initrd http://${fog-ip}/sccm2/boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd http://${fog-ip}/sccm2/sources/boot.wim boot.wim

and it boots into the wim and says show the background and the command prompt window shows "The DNS client service is starting" and then it just reboots and does not load the task sequence prompt.

followed this: http://ipxe.org/howto/sccm, but took out bootmgr

I have another sccm, wim image (O/S/ Ver 10.0.015063.0) that works perfectly. Does anyone know of anything with the new o/s version of the wim?

If I understand it correcly you have modified:
winpeshl.ini to point to bootstrap.vbs ?

What happens here is that once bootstrap.vbs exits it also triggers winpe to exit
So most likely the vbs script fails.

It might be easier to use cmd/bat files, just having pause at the end of the file will give you time to read the error before exit.
see http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe

For debugging purposes I usually have a
start cmd
in the beginning of that file - this opens a new separate cmd prompt for ease of debugging (there is always shift+F10, but sometimes it is easier to have it open by default.
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