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Full Version: Burning ROM for VMware 7.x for Win
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I found the HowTo for Linux version VMware. What about Win version?
In my .vmx file there isn't ethernet0.virtualDev! I can't choose among e1000, pcnet or any other virtual hardware NIC. I can choose between bridged, NAT, Host-only and Custom. The real question is: what is the emulated NIC in VMware Win version?

What is the solution?
Where do I have to put the rom file if I know how can I build it?


PS: What about VirtualBox and KVM? The iPXE ROM in KVM on Ubuntu 12.04 (prev.) and FC 16 a little bit different what I builded for me. For example missing some command like reboot, etc.
If your .vmx file doesn't have an entry for ethernet0.virtualDev I guess you can add it. This isn't really an iPXE question, more a detail of how you configure your virtualization software to use a certain configuration. If this howto, http://ipxe.org/howto/vmware , isn't working for you I think you need to look more deeply into the vmware documentation on how you customize your installation.

I've tried to replace the ROM for VirtualBox on my own installation, and I've had problems with that. The workaround I usually use is to boot with a floppy-based iPXE (e.g. ipxe.dsk).
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