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Full Version: wimboot appears to be causing a runtime error in app
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I've been poking at ipxe and wimboot as an alternative to wds and other pxe setups.

I have a PE image booting successfully. Which is great. I love the way that additional files can be injected into the wim image by specifying the files and location in the config file. And it works great too :-)

However. The .exe that I am attempting to run (which gives me a menu system) throws a MS Visual c++ Runtime error - R6034.

This error occurs if I manually copy the .exe into the PE session or if I use a script file to copy the file in.

If I use the same .wim file with wds then I don't get the error and the .exe runs fine.

As far as I can tell the only difference in the process is wimboot.

I've looked at tweaking the registry keys as per some of the other posts but the .exe still errors. Not sure if this tweaking should happen before wpeinit?

Anyone seen this issue before or any suggestions what / where to prod further?

What exe are you running, have you developed it yourself, or is it something available to others as well.
You should have more information and some kind of stacktrace, make sure you build with debugging enabled.

One thing that you should test is to start the same wim from directly from USB and default bootloader instead - I'm not surprised if WDS itself injects something.
Thanks for letting me post and for getting back to me so quickly.

I'm guessing the MS Visual c++ Runtime error - R6034 hasn't come up before with other software or if so it's not been reported. Couldn't see anything via search when I tried yesterday.

The software I'm testing with ipxe/wimboot is called "Zim" and is part of the ENGL Imaging Toolkit. (http://www.engl.co.uk) I am looking at different ways to kick of our OS deployment process. Part of our software suit requires an iis instance so ipxe just drops in and removes the requirement (in some instances) for using wds. Which is really cool :-)

The .exe works with USB booting of wims and WDS / SCCM and ZENworks PXE boot.

I suspect the issue is related to how we read the disk and the way that wimboot is loading things. I will see If I can get the development team to do me a debug version of the .exe to track down what is or is not going pop.


I've got an update on this issue.

There are 5 .dll files the app is dependant on. These are embedded in the wim in x:\windows\system32.
Running procmon in PE we can see the dll files are being found in this location. They then fail to load.
If I make another copy of the dll files in the same folder as the zim.exe then the app loads successfully.

Does wimboot do anything to the \windows\system32 folder that might stop dlls loading properly?

So with procmon the the files are found and there is no errors when loaded from zim.exe ? or do you see any kind of return codes that can explain this?

wimboot does indeed modify windows/system32, but there should be some kind of "OS" error if that is the issue here.
There was nothing obvious but I'm not an expert at using procmon.
I'll take another look (but will probably be tomorrow before I do) and see if there are any obvious errors.
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