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Full Version: ipxe chainload fail with "Nothing to boot" in ipv6
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Hello all,

trying to boot the latest ipxe.efi on Intel i350 NIC card in ipv6 mode.

this works fine for DHCPv4, but for DHCPv6 + ipv6 I am not able to get chainload working. It always fails in the end with error

Nothing to boot: no such file or directory (http://ipxe.org/2d03e18e)

I think i might have got lucky and it worked couple of times, but 99% of time it never goes through. Ipxe does see the net0 and net1 devices which are the i350 card, and there are 4 other ports for X710 cards also.

ANyone can shed some light how I might proceed to troubleshoot this? How can I force ipxe.efi to go to the shell?
press Ctrl-B to go to shell when it prompts you, or if your firmware has alternative ideas of what keypresses are, then use ESC, B instead.
Or if you really want, build iPXE with an embedded script with just shell.

I would recommend you to do what it says in that error url: "Nothing to boot: no such file or directory (http://ipxe.org/2d03e18e)"
Please come back here with the information you collect from those steps.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried the commands listed in the url and got:


....No UDP connection listening on port 67
.UDP closed

and the ${filename} and ${root-path} variables were empty

I have undefined ipv4 in general.h as

#undef NET_PROTO_IPV4 /* IPv4 protocol */
#define NET_PROTO_IPV6 /* IPv6 protocol */

So why is it going to port 67? Is it confused about DHCP4 vs DHCP6?

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