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Full Version: how do I display the serial and mac address on ipxe main menu?
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I'd like to display the computer serial and mac address. This is because when we recieve new machines, typically 40 at a time, I use ipxe to boot and then enter these details into a new machine database.

I must enter the ipxe shell to type show net0/mac and show serial. To be easier it would be useful to be displayed on the ipxe menu itself, or have a submenu to show this info.

Preferably if it could be displayed underneath the menu title directly, psedo code below, as I do not know the correct way to display undefined variables.

menu iPXE Boot Menu
text serial: $(serial)
text MAC: $(net0/mac)
display it with
item --gap Serial: ${smbios/serial} mac last used nic: ${netX/mac}

But since you want to save it in a database - just send it to the database with a serverside script that you post to with http.
Thanks that was useful.
I'll look at pushing info with a http post.
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