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Full Version: How to boot ISO-image via SMB/CIFS
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Hi there!

Guys, could you give me please a simple example that shows how to boot 4GB ISO-image via SMB/CIFS protocol because I use local windows network? My ISO contains "EFI" folder and bootmgr file.

Thank you!

P.S. If it is not possible to use SMB/CIFS for some reasons could you please give an example of booting ISO via HTTP then?
SMB/CIFS is not implemented in iPXE
Currently files over 4GiB is not supported (Patches on mailing list is under discussion)

But regardless of that booting ISOs, of any size, is most likely not what you want, you can read more about that in the FAQ.

What is it that you (actually) are trying to do?
Well, there is Multi-boot 2k10 Live image. It contains different WinPE's and separate Programs (utilities) that are used (booted) in those WinPE's. So that's all is under one ISO image and I wanna boot it via local network.
That will never work, other than possible via true iSCSI, but even then unlikely,
To boot those winpe environments, use wimboot
You will have to re-create any menu system tho.
Well, I also have other ISO 2Gb - is there a way to boot (mount) it via iPXE?
And are you sure about this "SMB/CIFS is not implemented in iPXE" ?

Well, as far as I get till now I need to boot somehow grub2 than will mpunt my ISO via SMB... But have no idea how to boot grub2 Sad
Maybe you can help me here?
Please try to read the FAQ that I refer to!
Yes I'm sure, what makes you think that it is implemented and I'm being wrong? Big Grin

Well booting grub2 won't help you since the ISO won't be available anyway.
If it is winpe environments that you want to boot, than you will end up using wimboot for a working environment. see http://ipxe.org/wimboot

Many before you have gone and banged their head against the "booting an ISO" path, I'm just trying to tell you the right path and save you time Wink
I see that the basics of ISO booting not working has already been answered to you before in http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7967
Why ask the same question again? :/
SMB is clunky... most of what Microsoft has shipped in last 10 years is clunky.

There is a way to do what you want... but it involves using the iPXE menu feature and disassembling the Multi-boot ISO (probably a fairly involved process, but ultimately a simpler solution). At the menu, you would select from a list of various PE images and then using Wimboot, execute the WIM desired... everything would be transferred via HTTP. You would avoid GRUB or GRUB2 this way, also.
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