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Full Version: waiting for link-up on netX ..howto skip unused devices
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i have 2 NIC's in my pc, one onboard and a quad port one, i want to pxe boot from the onboad device
but the quad port card comes on initialising devices first. so i dont want to wait for all 0-3 nics (net0/net1/net2/net3) of this quad port card getting timeout and then ipxe tries to boot from the onboard lan

[Image: 9qsTEo3.png]

how can i skip the devices net0-3, before (net4...the real pxe boot device) without pressing every time ctrl+c ? i mean how can i directly boot from net4 ?
How do you start iPXE? if you use a iPXE image with drivers for only the onboard device you can have that.
Other than that it's probably to have an embeded script and loop over all nics, match on pciid, and then autoboot just that interface
ok think i got it.

my embedded script now looks like this:

dhcp net4
chain http://X.X.X.X/boot.ipxe
I would rather use

autoboot net4

see https://ipxe.org/cmd/autoboot

But again this is a hard assumption about the config, better to loop over the nics and when the nic with specific mac or pciid is found use the above autoboot netX to keep original behavior without any hardcoded chain uri
use undionly.kpxe or snponly.efi . the key is the "only"
indeed undionly.kpxe is probably the best solution - if you are chaining into iPXE from the network to begin with, and not booting from USB.

Never got a response on the question on how it was booted.
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