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Full Version: iPxe and chain for file located at local filesystem
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There is DOWNLOAD_PROTO_FILE option at xPxe sources.
Is it possible to map to memory or to load locally stored file such as menu, wimboot which are located for example in the same folder with undionly.kpxe to further chain and execute ?
Or from other local file system ?
That is: menu.pxe and then wimboot are mapped/loaded/chained from some /folder/folder1 and only afther that chain/kernel/initrd will use either http or nfs protocols.
undionly.kpxe is pcbios only.
You will not be able to have a network from that unless it is started via existing NIC PXE stack, so "local ... same folder" does not make sense there.

in pcbios there is no local support.
for efi you have DOWNLOAD_PROTO_FILE
You can find the details in the commit: https://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/commitdiff...c2c1da8525
there is also several posts on the forum about file:// in iPXE and that it is only supposed to work to load config data or similar - you will have to opened a network interface before you try to boot anything.
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