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Full Version: acronis 2017 uefi
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Hello !
I can't start acronis 2017 on my computers uefi, it works well in bios legacy.
I took the config here: http://ipxe.org/appnote/acronis.
For information, my other software starts well in uefi with ipxe.efi.
I have an error "kernel panic".
Can you help me?
Please try without quiet on the kernel line, and then post the error message in full, as well as the actual script you are using.
Thanks for your feedback.

Here is my script:
kernel kernel64.dat initrd=ramdisk_merged64.dat initrd=dat4.dat edd=off MBRCRCS force_modules=usbhid quiet
initrd ramdisk_merged64.dat
initrd dat4.dat

The files are stored on my tftp server.

And here is the boot in error : https://ibb.co/mHYdVQ7
It might be a good idea to verify that the files are valid,
also test with imgstat and shell before boot - this will show the files downloaded, and their size, please verify that they are correct.

the kernel output shows us that it can't find any root fs - this means that something is wrong with the initrds, or how they are (not) found or parsed correctly by the kernel.

It might be worth a extra check to start the original in uefi mode, and do cat /proc/cmdline as was done to get that line in the documentation, just to be sure nothing is missed or changed in newer versions.
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