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Full Version: Boot ISO or img from http
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I have files provided by a vendor that are to be burnt on a cd or used for a usb key
The underlying software is a package Freebsd

I'm able to get the menu from ipxe and be able to HTTP GET the files, so no technical problems here

But I don't understand what to use
chain ||

chain ||

boot memdisk iso raw ||
goto MENU

For the ISO I get the message
Could not boot: Exec format error (http://ipxe.org/2e008001)
I read that page
For the first img I have the same message

For the second img I have memdisk no such file or directory

At boot ipxe displays DNS HTTP iSCSI TFTP AoE ELF MBOOT PXE bzImage Menu PXEXT
I downloaded undionly.kpxe

Does anybody has any hint on how to make something to work
Probably neighter, did you read the FAQ about memdisk?

You can not "boot" an ISO as a binary, which is what you do when you use chain ...iso
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