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Full Version: Booting A Remote OS Image
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I'm very new to iPXE but have gone through the /docs and /examples to try and build my new iPXE script but am still confused as to how to build this.

I have an OS image created and placed in a cloud storage bucket and I want to be able to boot from that location.

My understanding is that I can create an iPXE script to build an iPXE OS USB image that loads from this bucket location.

along the lines of 'make bin/ipxe.usb EMBED=startup.ipxe' where startup.ipxe is my own custom script.

Is this correct?

Additionally, I'm having trouble writing startup.ipxe itself.

Would it be as simple as:

boot img.igz

Please let me know of any examples that are relevant or docs that are useful for what I'm trying to do.

Thanks for your help.
if img.igz is a image type that is understood by iPXE (in legacy mode) than that works fine.
My guess tho is that it isn't.
also you could replace imgfetch and boot with just chain

You should probably first get comfortable with booting linux, and understand the difference between kernel and ram images.
Thanks. This is helpful/
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