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Full Version: PXE boot error
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Hi All,

I am trying to do PXE boot on DellEMC PowerEdge R640. I have enabled PXE boot on given port, however I am constantly getting below error message.

No Boot device available or operating system detected.

Please let me know on which location these files are being searched? I am using Terraform and Matchbox and it is being done in automated fashion. CoreOS related files are already present in matchbox folder.

Please help.

This is from your BIOS that fails to boot anything, either PXE rom is not run at all, or it exits and returns to this.
You should make sure that PXE ROM is enabled, and that is in the list of bootdevices to try.

I should also probably mention that this forum is for the iPXE bootloader, and not generic PXE spec.
You can find some basic info about config for iPXE booting at http://ipxe.org/howto/chainloading
\Thanks for your response. Actually error is related to iPXE. I can see the iPXE banner and while configuring net0 using undionly, I get the error and Error code given is
Network unreachable (http://ipxe.org/28086011) which doesn't have any solution given apart from reaching the community.

Please help.

I have tried assigning the IP manually on iPXE prompt and it works just fine and assigned IP is pingable from other servers.

I'm expecting that you are seeing Network unreachable (http://ipxe.org/28086011) from ifstat?

The first error you gave is after iPXE exits?

we also know that you are using undionly
We do however not know if you are using an embeded script? if so post it (my guess is that it is missing a dhcp line)
Or are you configuring everything manually from embedded script?

If not embedded - I would expect totally different errors, such as no configuration method which would due to "dhcp issues" with much more explanations and suggestions on the error page.
A good place to start for the general iPXE boot concept is http://ipxe.org/howto/chainloading
I'm not saying that the page has a direct solution to your problem, but give the full page a read if you haven't already
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