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Full Version: IPXE :: Windows 10 Enterprise iSCSI installation - refuses to install on iSCSI disk
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Can somebody explain the error in the description?
I there a solution to this issue?

Virtualization: VMWare Workstation 14 (BIOS, NIC e1000)
Boot manager: iPXE
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
iSCSI server: Debian 9
Prep: ADK, WinPXE, optional packages integrated

* WinPE image was prepared with ADK and WinPXE optional packages
* system boots from DHCP server with iPXE
* boots successfully in WinPE
* WinPE environment obtains IP address
* with assistance of 'iscsicpl' iSCSI disk is attached to the system
* network share is activated for access to installation files
* setup process started from network share
* installation proceed upto disk selection
* selection of iSCSI disk reports that it can't be used for installation with an error
Windows can not be installed to this disk. iSCSI deployment is disabled since no
NICs referenced in the iBFT can be resolved to actual NT-visible device.
Windows can not be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not
support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in
the computer's BIOS menu.

Is this problem related to virtualization or real hardware as well?

NOTE: I could not attache screenshot to this message

Thank you,
what is your ipxe script to start this? did you use sanhook, if not then there is no iBFT created
(2019-09-07 02:50)NiKiZe Wrote: [ -> ]what is your ipxe script to start this? did you use sanhook, if not then there is no iBFT created


due requirements of Windows security policy I have changed password in Debian for iqn iSCSI disk and forgot to change it in boot.ipxe.

Now, sanhook reports connected 0x80 but in WinPE 'iscsicpl' reports status reconnecting to iqn iSCSI disk.

Diskpart does not see iSCSI disk as of this moment.

What is the solution?

Thank you for prompt reply

the cause of the issue was absence of

set net0/gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

once this record was added into boot.ipxe the problem gone and iscsicpl reports 'connected'.

The network resources was registered with

net use \\server\share /user:fake secret

and installation was initiated with

net use \\server\share\Win_10\setup.exe

The first stage of installation have progressed to the end.

Before reboot boot.ipxe script has been modified by substituting 'sunhook' with 'sunboot'.

The second stage of the installation was initiated but after more than 3 hours the screen shows on black background Windows logo and spinner.

Does anything required to be changed so that installation could progress further?

Thank you,
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