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Full Version: iPXE - lkrn - No more network devices with Realtek rtl8192cu
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Because I use the new computer to do my things, I have decided to test iPXE on my old PC (KT4AV MS-6712, AMD Athlon XP 1500+) which has the Realtek 8192CU chipset inside my USB D-Link DWA-121 WiFi dongle to see if it can boot networked.

Because it currently has Lubuntu 19.10 installed, I built it from source following the official iPXE website build instructions. After the build has finished, I made a new GRUB menu entry which involves booting to iPXE in order to test WiFi PXE there.

The problem is when I go to iPXE, it loads to
No more network devices
and then exits the whole program to
Boot Failure from the previous media
, and when I press any key, it goes back to GRUB.

I have checked the source code for it, and saw that there are drivers for WiFi RTL818x, RTL8180, and RTL8185, but there are neither RTL8188CUS nor RTL8192CU, which suggests that I either have to wait for developers to make a driver suitable for my chipset, or I will have to fork the driver from the Linux one.

Did anyone manage to get it to work on my chipset and tell me how? Or do I have to make an appropriate driver or wait for it?
Wifi - probably not supported in any good way.
The ones that are are most likely PCI devices, and no wifi code have been added or changed since the introduction of USB code.

If you would like to develop a driver, do it from datasheets, not linux driver.
Other suggestions,
drop wifi as a boot option, use cable.
Use a smartphone in USB theater mode, you will want to search the forum for other people already doing this, there are some gotchas.
Thanks. My old PC doesn't have an Ethernet cable somehow.
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